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Model Feature: The Rolex Sky-Dweller

Protected by 14 patents and launched in 2012, the Rolex Sky-Dweller was designed for the global traveler with extraordinary taste. It is the first Rolex with a dual time-zone display and an annual calendar, boasting an all-new 9001 automatic movement.

The 42mm Sky-Dweller is currently available only in 18 ct yellow, white, or Everose gold and your choice of an Oyster bracelet or leather strap.

Rolex Sky-Dweller | Rose Gold | Leather Strap & Oyster Bracelet

Rolex Sky-Dweller | Everose Gold | Leather Strap & Oyster Bracelet

The 9001 is one of the most intricate movements developed and manufactured by Rolex. This movement incorporates the bezel as the tool for the wearer to utilized the Sky-Dweller’s functions, where it connects with a selector wheel on the outside edge of the 9001.

The self-winding mechanical movement is COSO certified, the oscillator fitted between the PARALLAX shock absorbers to offer 50% more shock-resistance, and is protected by the Twinlock double waterproofness Winding Crown.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.04.05 PM

Calibre 9001 Self-Winding Movement, Developed & Manufactured by Rolex


The highlight of the Sky-Dweller is its fluted Ring Command bezel, where setting the three main functions is simple and quick. The Ring Command bezel is activated through the winding crown – which only has one position when open – and by rotating the bezel in either direction and without any particular order, the wearer is able to set the local time, reference time, and the date. By then rotating the winding crown, the function is speedily adjusted with ease.

The Ring Command bezel was designed and patented by Rolex, only seen again within the Rolex collection on the Yacht-Master II.

Rolex Sky-Dweller | Yellow Gold | Leather Strap & Oyster Bracelet

Rolex Sky-Dweller | Yellow Gold | Leather Strap & Oyster Bracelet

Dual Time Zone
The Sky-Dweller offers a dual time zone feature, where your local and a reference time are displayed simultaneously. To set the local time, the hour hand can be adjusted separately and will not cause the minute or second hand to stop, preserving accuracy. The 24-hour reference time will then be read on the rotating disc and corresponding fixed red triangle on the dial. The date will display according to the set local time.

Rolex Sky-Dweller | White Gold | Leather Strap & Oyster Bracelet

Rolex Sky-Dweller | White Gold | Leather Strap & Oyster Bracelet

Saros Annual Calendar
Another new mechanism patented by Rolex is SAROS: an intelligent system of four gear wheels  that handles the irregular occurrence of 30 and 31-day months. Based on a gear ratio between what is called a satellite wheel and a planetary wheel, the calendar disc will jump two days to the 1st when the end of a 30-day month is calculated. The months of the year are indicated by a contrasting color around the circumference of the dial and outside of the hour markers. January begins at the 1 o’clock marker and continues until December at 12 o’clock.

The only exception to the Saros calendar is that is does not account for the shorter month of February. The wearer will need to manually adjust every March 1st due to the prior 28 or 29-day month.

Rolex Sky-Dweller White Gold Watch Chest Blog

Close up of the Sky-Dweller’s Dial, Featuring a Dual Time Zone, Date, and SAROS Annual Calendar

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is commanding and beautiful – a step up in sophistication due to the design and its higher price tag. Each Sky-Dweller is fitted within an Oyster case 42mm in diameter, a fluted, bidirectional rotatable Ring Command bezel, and is waterproof up to 330 feet.  The mechanical, self-winding calibre 9001 movement has a power reserve of around 72 hours, fitted with the dependable Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. And just like the unique dials featured on the various models, the Sky-Dweller itself is elegantly monochromatic and distinctively Rolex.


The Rolex Sky-Dweller MSRP starts at $46,150. View Watch Chest’s collection for new and pre-owned models here!

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