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How To Measure Your Wrist For Your Watch

When ordering a Rolex or other luxury watch online, something that can take the unboxing completely over the top is when the bracelet is already sized for your wrist. People have different ideas of what is the perfect fit but watch sizes are pretty standard, so it is easy for an online independent watch dealer to get it pretty close for you — as long as you give them the correct information!

Sometimes taking a trip to your local jeweler can be time consuming and it’s not recommended to size the bracelet yourself unless you’ve had experience doing so. This can result in unwanted scratches or even stripping a screw. Plus, don’t you want to be able to wear your new Rolex immediately?

Watch Chest has a video on how to quickly measure your wrist without any special tools but below are 7 steps on how to get a pretty darn close wrist size that will help your dealer size the watch for you before it ever leaves the shop!

The only tool you need if you have it lying around the house is a fabric tape measure. If you do, go ahead and skip to step 2. But if you don’t have one you definitely do not have to rush out and buy it. You will just need a piece of paper, scissors, and any plain old ruler.


7 Steps: How To Measure Your Wrist

  1. You don’t need any certain size of paper but the goal is to make a mock tape measure. Using the scissors, cut a thin strip from the longest side of the paper.
  2. Here is the crucial part: unless you wear your watch directly on your wrist bone, do not measure your literal wrist. Taking the starting end of the tape measure (or strip of paper you have just cut) and overlap the end to wrap it around your wrist where your watch will logically sit. This is usually more on your arm and a little below the wrist bone.
  3. Take into consideration how tight you want your watch to be. Adjust accordingly to make sure it is wrapped around your wrist loosely/tight enough for your personal comfort.
  4. If you are using a fabric tape measure, read the measurement as exact as possible and skip to step number 7.
  5. If you are using paper, use two fingers to hold the meeting point of where the starting end overlapped with the strip and release the starting end.
  6. Place the ruler on a flat surface. Still holding the strip at the meeting point, flatten out the strip against the flat surface above the ruler. Measure the space between the starting point and where you’ve held your fingers. You are free to use inches or centimeters but make sure to write down the exact measurement.
  7. Give the measurement to your watch dealer. Depending on the bracelet style you have chosen, there are only so many exact sizes it can reach due to the length of links, adjustment ability in the clasp, etc. However, a great shop will have a lot of experience and will know where to size it according to the measurement you have supplied to them.

Having your watch sized properly will help keep your luxury watch looking better for longer, not to mention aid in your personal comfort. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes for any independent dealer to size it for you so never hesitate to ask!

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