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How To Measure Elapsed Time on the Rolex Daytona (7 Photos)

As a chronograph, the Rolex Daytona can measure an elapsed amount of time. You’ll be using the above parts as shown in the graph.

Slide 1 & 2: The 12-hour counter and the 30-minute counter to time their respective increments, the chronograph seconds hand, the upper-screw down pusher to start and stop timing, and finally the lower screw down pusher that will reset the timers.

Slide 3: Rotate both pushers counterclockwise to unscrew.

Slide 4: To begin timing, press the upper pusher, and the chronograph seconds hand will begin moving.

Slide 5: Press the upper pusher again to stop timing.

Slide 6: Press the lower pusher to reset all of the timers.

Slide 7: Make sure to screw in the pushers clockwise to close when you are done to ensure waterproofness.

To view an instructional how-to video on how to us the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph and measure elapsed time, click here.

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