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How to Calculate Average Speed: Rolex Daytona (10 Photos)

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona can be used to calculate average speeds per hour over a certain distance. Different units of distance can be measured, such as kilometers or miles. For this demonstration, we will be using kilometers.

Slide 1 &2: You will use the Chronograph Seconds Hand, Upper Screw-Down Pusher to start and stop timing, the Tachymeter Scale Bezel to calculate speed per hour, and finally the Lower Screw-Down Pusher to reset the timers.

Slide 3 & 4: Rotate both pushers counterclockwise to unscrew.

Slide 5: To begin timing, press the upper pusher at the starting point of distance that you will cover, and the chronograph seconds hand will begin moving.

Slide 6: Press the upper pusher again to stop timing once you have reached the distance you wish to cover.

Slide 7: The Chronograph Seconds Hand will indicate the average speed per hour on the bezel. For this illustration, for the “distance covered” we have an average of 160 kilometers per hour.

Slide 8: Press the lower pusher to reset all of the timers.

Slide 9 & 10: Make sure to never have the pushers open under water. Screw in the pushers clockwise to close when you are done to ensure waterproofness.


Have time for a how-to video? View this step-by-step video on our YouTube!

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