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Rolex Watches, Watchmaking

The Base Materials To Make A Rolex

Rolex would not be the brand it is today if not for its craftsmanship. Rolex is the definition of meticulous when it comes to the materials selected for each part of every timepiece, adhering to their own philosophy of doing things unlike any other company. The dedication to create and focus on a single perfect product is inspiring, where you truly feel a part of something special.

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Rolex Watches, Watchmaking

Why Your Rolex Isn’t Keeping Perfect Time (In Layman’s Terms)

“My Rolex won’t keep time correctly.”

“My watch is always slow.”

“My Rolex just stops altogether.”

These are statements I’ve heard in the Watch Chest office and it can get quite annoying. It’s not that the customer is annoying at all, but I would get frustrated that their lack of knowledge would cause a rift in the experience of owning their Rolex – because usually there is nothing wrong and they are just unaware of how a mechanical Rolex watch works.

The watches sold and shipped out from Watch Chest are held to Rolex factory standards and expectations, but – to be completely honest – I’m not sure what these specs would mean to you if I just sat here and gave you a list of what’s inspected and required of a Rolex before a sale. So to try and help I would like to explain the mechanical movement and how it pertains to you, skipping most of the technical talk that even sometimes goes over my head. Continue Reading