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Rolex Watches, Watch Chest, What To Know Before You Buy

Most Popular Rolex Watch Styles (Infographic)

I always had a few guesses in my head based on experience as to what the most popular Rolex watches sold in the pre-owned market but I was curious about real numbers. So I asked for some data from Watch Chest’s records and thought I could give you a snapshot of what is being sent out around the world.

The vast selection that Rolex offers can sometimes get a little overwhelming and you may not know where to start. When you’re purchasing your first Rolex, it’s sort of interesting to see what models and styles others have selected before you so that you can have a general direction of what to look at. There are also other reasons for choosing certain models, dials, or bracelets aside from personal taste. The size of your wrist, if you have mature eyes, or even your future intentions with your Rolex can all play a part in your selection.

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Model Spotlights, Rolex Watches

Model Spotlight: Rolex Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster 80298 Triple Row Diamond

The Rolex Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster – even after all this time – still stands as my favorite lady Rolex. Whether in yellow or white gold, it doesn’t matter. It is the end-all be-all; the epitome of class and beauty. Perfectly understated and perfectly over-the-top.

Speaking of over-the-top, insert in the triple diamond Pearlmaster bracelet. Yes, triple. As if you already haven’t arrived when wearing the “regular” Pearlmaster models, in walks a triple row diamond bracelet.

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FAQ, Rolex Watches, What To Know Before You Buy

FAQ: What Year Is This Rolex? (Beauty Before Age)

In the first of many in a series of addressing the most frequently asked questions heard while I worked at Watch Chest, I thought I would a write about the one heard most often: “What year is this watch?”

As a potential customer who is about to spend thousands of dollars with a company, you have every right to ask any question you want. Even after being around this industry for many years, I would still ask that question if I were buying a pre-owned Rolex or other luxury timepiece from someone. However, there is a skewed amount of emphasis that is placed upon the age of a Rolex, when an entirely different aspect should have precedence when you make your selection.

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Rolex Watches, Watchmaking

Why Your Rolex Isn’t Keeping Perfect Time (In Layman’s Terms)

“My Rolex won’t keep time correctly.”

“My watch is always slow.”

“My Rolex just stops altogether.”

These are statements I’ve heard in the Watch Chest office and it can get quite annoying. It’s not that the customer is annoying at all, but I would get frustrated that their lack of knowledge would cause a rift in the experience of owning their Rolex – because usually there is nothing wrong and they are just unaware of how a mechanical Rolex watch works.

The watches sold and shipped out from Watch Chest are held to Rolex factory standards and expectations, but – to be completely honest – I’m not sure what these specs would mean to you if I just sat here and gave you a list of what’s inspected and required of a Rolex before a sale. So to try and help I would like to explain the mechanical movement and how it pertains to you, skipping most of the technical talk that even sometimes goes over my head. Continue Reading

Model Spotlights, Rolex Watches

History of the Rolex Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht-Master is a relatively new model for the famous Swiss watch company, launching the first model (the 18k yellow gold 16628) in 1992. With its sporty features, this solid gold Rolex Yacht-Master became an instant success. More options were soon made available and Rolex subsequently produced a two-tone, stainless steal, and mid size Rolex Yacht-Master models. Continue Reading

Rolex Watches, Watch Chest

A Look Into Watch Chest’s Customers: Infographic

Watch Chest just published an infographic on their website that shares a few statistics about their customers. They give some insight on where their customers come from, how they pay, and even the average sale.

What’s great about publishing a company’s transparency, is that you are able to get a clearer picture on how they operate. In the case of this infographic, finding out about Watch Chest’s customers make it a little more relatable to you as a customer.

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Rolex Watches

6 Ways to Help You Choose an Independent Watch Dealer

Purchasing a pre-owned Rolex online has the potential to appear very daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are great benefits to purchasing online, including no sales tax and unbeatable deals for some of the best luxury watches out there. The one thing that can clear up a lot of your concerns immediately is buying from an independent watch dealer that you trust, where you know there’s no question on condition, fair prices, and that you will be taken care of with reputable customer service.

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Model Spotlights, Rolex Watches

Model Spotlight: Rolex Datejust Lady 31mm 178240

I think what makes the online buying experience even easier is having access to helpful information and sound advice as you make your Rolex selection. Today’s Spotlight is on the Rolex Datejust Lady 31mm 178240, a model that is often overlooked or perhaps not well known. While I discuss the factory specifications, I’ve also included the simple observations and opinions I’ve made about this model in particular over the years; hopefully providing a little more real-world perspective than what you would find in a Rolex pamphlet.

Before I Begin

We rattle off a model’s reference numbers a lot when talking Rolex. Each number and how they are arranged mean something specific, allowing you to communicate most of the watch’s specifications in shorthand. So I thought I’d first give a reference number breakdown whenever I do a Spotlight. This applies to the 5- and 6-digit reference numbers. Continue Reading

Rolex Watches

7 Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Rolex vs New

Your choice to actually pull the trigger in any type of purchase really comes down to what you want. We could reason all day, going back and forth with logic and facts, but we’ve all succumbed to an emotional sale at least once; driven by impatience or a salesman who recognized the exact buttons to push.

I have six legitimate reasons listed here on how you would benefit from purchasing a pre-owned Rolex or other luxury watch instead of new. They will appeal to anyone weighing out the pros and cons and will turn what seems like a toss-up into a no-brainer. But after your reasoning is reasoned out, I believe the turning point is number seven, where the reason isn’t exactly logical but quite emotional – and where you have to choose what type of person you want to be in this game.

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